News from the Co-op movement

As the web and new media change we all seem to be accessing news in different ways.

the Co-operative Party   The Co-op Party have a Facebook page that can been viewed on our site, see ‘ticker’ on the right. The news items are updated regularly, just click on a story. One that many will be interested is that after 95 years, the Co-operative Party has appointed its first woman as General Secretary. Karin Christiansen is taking over the role after over a decade working in international development.

The Co-op News has been a website many in the movement visit on a regular basis, they too now have a Facebook page

Stories on their site include a CCTV video has been released of a man who is living in The Co-operative Food store, who claims he is there because he owns a stake in the co-operative. Watch the video: [This is a viral campaign from the Co-operative Group to promote its upcoming member elections].

Co-operatives UK has launched a new website to offer women from around the Movement a place to collaborate, network and develop responses to the 2020 Co-operative Women’s Challenge. Find out more:

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