IYC reception

The Dover & Deal branch held a reception to mark the International Year of Co-operatives on Monday 17 September which was opened by the Mayor of Deal, Cllr Marlene Burnham.

IYC2012The reception was followed by a discussion on credit unions with guest speaker John Pritchard from the Thanet Credit Union.

Co-op stories

StoriesStories.coop is an interesting website that is well worth a look, it promotes co-ops through the experience of people across the world and is the first global, digital campaign to spread the benefits of co-operation through the tradition of story-telling.

Stories connect people through the power of words and the power of pictures and tell the facts and they connect to our emotions, so your story of co-operation can make a lasting impact and delivers the UN’s message “Co-operative enterprises build a better world” to the global public in International Year of Co-operatives 2012.

They tell the stories of co-operation from every corner of the globe; from the smallest co-operative to the biggest; from the co-operators with personal stories to tell or the stories of business success; to those with observations on the co-operative model.



Changing lives

Lend With CareAs Fairtrade supporters know people in the developing world do not want hand-outs. lendwithcare.org is a scheme that allows people to lend small sums of money to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them turn their business plans into life changing opportunities.
At lendwithcare.org you can find hundreds of entrepreneurs from across the world who need a small loan to help them grow their business. See www.lendwithcare.org/