IYC 2012

The International Year of the Co-operatives IYCis gathering pace.

To help get the message across the Co-operative has a vintage campervan touring the country spreading the message of how co-operatives make the world smile.


We’ve also seen IYC merchandice including a smart polo shirt. Available in 100% Fairtrade Cotton, the 2012 International Year of Cooperatives garment is a fashionable way to show your support for the international co-operative movement.




Help for co-ops

EmpowerEmpower is a self-help forum for co-operators and community activists. When visiting their website as a visitor you only see a fraction of the content.

To see the full range of options including free support for social enterprises, volunteers, c2c (co-operation between cooperatives, community organisations and charities), projects, videos and photos, and to be able to post your adverts & general notices, join groups, access support and much more you need to sign in.

Membership is free, see http://empowerus.co/