Co-op stories is an interesting website that is well worth a look, it promotes co-ops through the experience of people across the world and is the first global, digital campaign to spread the benefits of co-operation through the tradition of story-telling.

Stories connect people through the power of words and the power of pictures and tell the facts and they connect to our emotions, so your story of co-operation can make a lasting impact and delivers the UN’s message “Co-operative enterprises build a better world” to the global public in International Year of Co-operatives 2012.

They tell the stories of co-operation from every corner of the globe; from the smallest co-operative to the biggest; from the co-operators with personal stories to tell or the stories of business success; to those with observations on the co-operative model.


Magazine now online

Co-op magazineThe Co-op magazine has gone digital. You may have seen or picked up a copy in a Co-op store, well now it is an interactive digital magazine, giving you all the features and articles of the in-store magazine but with more interactive content downloadable recipes, videos and more. One feature lets you select the items that interest you rather than flicking through the whole thing.